15 / Jul / 2015



SaristuEuropean CommissionSeventh Framework Programme

The Final SARISTU Conference has been held at TsAGI’s partner facilities in Moscow, Russia on 19-21 May, 2015. FIDAMC attended the conference and presented the work accomplished within the winglet scenario of the project. A paper in collaboration with FACC and Fraunhofer partners was presented. 

 (In respect to the SARISTU project (Smart Intelligent Aircraft Structures) a winglet with active trailing edge (WATE) within the application scenario AS03 has been developed. Full scale demonstrator has been manufactured and successfully tested to prove the maturity of such a device and its technology. This paper contributes to overview of design, manufacturing and testing aspects of WATE demonstrator). 

Moreover, FIDAMC exhibited a poster with the two technologies applied to the manufacturing of a curved spar. 

 (Activity Beam (rear spar of the SARISTU winglet) was manufactured by means of Automatic Fiber Placement (AFP) machine and subsequently press-formed in a C shape before being cured in autoclave. It was made of prepreg slit tape material. The challenge addressed both the flat lay-up of the preform and the press-forming stages of the process. An strategic lay-up together with press-forming machine adjustments led to a successful manufacturing process of the spar. On the other hand, in the frame of national funding project ARISTEO, CURVED SPAR, the same spar was manufactured by FIDAMC by means of out of autoclave (OoA) techniques. Concretely by Liquid Resin Infusion (LRI). This second curved spar was made of dry fiber in braiding format and infused with epoxy resin. Innovation of the process is related to the preform manufacturing, which was carried out with unidirectional (UD) braiding. Concluding, two different manufacturing methods directly applied to a complex shape aircraft element structure have been developed. Moreover, these manufacturing methods are focused on a high production rate orientated to industrial production). 

European Union

This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 284562.