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FIDAMC produces and prints its own high performance filaments
The Foundation has focused its efforts in developing new materials applicable to ALM (Additive Layer Manufacturing) technology of 3D-printing. ...

ALM carbon fiber Filament

FIDAMC at 15th European Automotive Congress
Francisco Chamorro, head of FIDAMC's Demonstrators 1 Department, will be the speaker on October 4th at the 15th European Automotive Congress, which ...

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Aristeo - Silinco
The use of composite materials has notably increased notably in last years, to the detriment of metals. The advantage of including composites in a ...

Aristeo carbon fiber carbon fibre Composite composites FIDAMC silinco

FIDAMC Celebrate the Enviromental Day
Once again FIDAMC strengthens its commitment and mark new goals to respect the environment by incorporating innovative recycling projects such as that ...

"Enviromental carbon fiber FIDAMC"

ESTENEA. High productivity automated manufacturing process for omega stringers with high curvature
The ESTENEA project (STUDY OF LOW COST TECHNOLOGIES AND HIGH RATE PRODUCTION IN COMPOSITES), promoting by CDTI and leading by Airbus Operations in the ...

A320 Automation carbon fiber Composite ESTENEA FAN COWL Material