H2020-SGA-FET-GRAPHENE-2017 Grant Agreement 785219
On April 1st , the second phase of the European project Graphene Flagship Core 2 began. FIDAMC is one of the 143 partners that are part of this ...

flagship graphene H2020

Installation of lay-up defectology sensors at AFP. Project ZAero
 In the search of technologies for the composite final quality improvement, Project ZAero consists in the early detection of defectology thanks to the ...

Unfolding failure in composite laminates. Composites Science and Technology
FIDAMC together with the University of Seville have published an article on competing mechanisms in the unfolding failure in composite laminates in ...

Analysis of delamination evolution under compression in thin laminates. ICCS20
ICCS20, “20th International Conference on Composite Structures”, took place from 4th to 7th September at National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts in ...

FIDAMC at 15th European Automotive Congress
Francisco Chamorro, head of FIDAMC's Demonstrators 1 Department, will be the speaker on October 4th at the 15th European Automotive Congress, which ...

carbon fiber Composite

Composite Unfolding. Published Article in Composite Structures.
FIDAMC and Universidad de Sevilla has published an articule about se han publicado un artículo sobre Semi-analytic model to evaluate non-regularized ...

automoción Composite fibra seca FIDAMC reciclaje Sailing Madrid uc3m

Aristeo - Silinco
The use of composite materials has notably increased notably in last years, to the detriment of metals. The advantage of including composites in a ...

Aristeo carbon fiber carbon fibre Composite composites FIDAMC silinco

FIDAMC at EU Industry Day
Almudena del Teso attended the EU Industry Day on February 28 on behalf of FIDAMC.During the event held in Brussels representatives of the traditional ...

EU Industry Day FIDAMC Silvia Lazcano

Compression after impact behavior analysis of composite thin laminates
Research project that includes two parts: a project funded by FIDAMC and Innovation Works called ILIA (Research and development of a new methodology ...

"composite FIDAMC Innovation works" universidad carlos III de madrid

FIDAMC has obtained NADCAP accreditation as a testing laboratory for non-metallic materials
FIDAMC has obtained NADCAP accreditation as a testing laboratory for non-metallic materials.NADCAP is an international program to ensure the quality ...

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