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FIDAMC is carrying out NEODAMP Project, New Enhanced acOustic DAMPing composite material, in the Clean Sky 2 context, topic H2020-CS2-CFP01-2014-01.

The project will last for 36 months. The consortium is formed by HEXCEL UK and FIDAMC. HEXCEL is one of the cutting- edge manufacturers of composites materials, which forms the perfect combination with FIDAMC as a technological center on composite materials.

New Enhanced acOustic DAMPing composite material, NEODAMP Project, aims to develop a structural composite material with an additional functionality: acoustic damping. The drivers for this development are the cost decrease and a high production rate. Specifically, most important targets that the composite material is expected to reach are:

  • Acoustic-vibration damping: in the concerned frequency range to be covered (to be agreed with the TM).
  • Structural performance: maintaining the same level as current fuselage materials.
  • Automatic process-ability: suitable for automatic fuselage production by means of AFP.

The combination of these two functionalities in the composite material (structural and acoustic), together with the capability to be automatically produced, will lead to weight savings in aeronautic structures that are directly translated into a reduction of fuel consumption and therefore, contributing to reduce CO2 and NOx emissions.

The first stage of the project will be focused in the selection of acoustic-vibration damping material/s and composite laminate architecture. In this first stage of the project, specific targets of the requirements to be met by the multifunctional composite material agreed with the Topic Manager in order to pre-select the candidate materials/laminate architecture. According to the concerned requirements a preliminary test plan will be proposed for the down-selection of the acoustic-vibration dampers and laminate designs. This down-selection will be based on the acoustic-vibration and mechanical performance of the pre-selected materials/laminate architecture.

The following tasks include acoustic material modification and manufacturing trials to be carried in order to assess the handling of the acoustic material, especially in view of the tacking, structural materials compatibility and other issues related with secondary operations. Besides, NDT study will be carried out as well as an analysis of the defectology susceptible to be produced in the materials/configurations explored.


European Union

This project has been funding by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 and by Clean Sky Joint Technology Initiative under grant agreement No GA: 686374

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