Years of experience in the aeronautical sector allow us to transfer the knowledge acquired in this sector to other industrial sectors where weight and protection of the environment are the priority objectives to be achieved.

We have capacity in the elaboration of test plans for the validation of structural and functional concepts. That is why we move from the most incipient phases of the innovation process to the most advanced and close to the industrial application. We are able to develop the necessary elements for the complete execution of the tests, from the physical-chemical and mechanical characterization tests of the materials, the definition of the processes of manufacture and of tools until the equipment necessary to process the material and the tools of quality assurance.

 FIDAMC carries out the development of highly innovative processes to meet the current market needs, reduce manufacturing costs and increase production rates, all applied to different thermosetting pre-impregnation technologies, resin transfer processes, thermoplastics, the most advanced manufacturing processes of high cadence (Industry 4.0 and digitization), analysis and simulation of processes and additive manufacturing.