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Given the experience in the manufacture of composite components, the FIDAMC assistance is not limited to the development phases of the component. His knowledge of the technologies and processes allows him to assist technically during the industrialization and mass production phase.

It has technical software for the simulation of the manufacturing and assembly process of any component used mainly for the analysis and selection of more favorable process alternatives from the point of view of costs and production rates.

It also has collaborating partners for the execution of industrial projects of manufacture and assembly of components of composite material, especially oriented to the reduction of costs and to the increase of the rate of production.

Also relevant is the experience accumulated in sensors and data capture mechanisms that allow monitoring of the different phases of the production process: from taping to curing through the forming or injection phases, depending on the technology used. The collection of data and its subsequent treatment and analysis is one of the most recent development activities and of greater projection within the foundation.

For all of the above, we offer the following services: 

  •  Assistance in the development of industrial processes of components.
  • Definition and application of corrective measures to reduce incidences in manufacturing processes and optimize costs.
  • Optimization of manufacturing processes to reduce lead time and increase production rates of composite components as well as evaluation of manufacturing costs of a defined cost process.
  • Design and optimization of lay-out of plant.
  • Industrial processes automation.