Structural failure prediction in Manholes

Process analysis and simulation

Structural failure prediction in Manholes

A PhD program is financed by FIDAMC in collaboration with the Group of Elasticity and Strength of Materials of the University of Seville. The main scope of the thesis is to develop an analytical formulation in order to predict the failure of a composite plate weakened by elliptical cutouts, with arbitrary boundary conditions applied at plate contours.

 Composite structures weakened by circular or elliptical cutouts are very common in aeronautical industry, mostly due to maintenance and accessibility requirements. These cutouts cause a stress concentration around them, which can be estimated by an analytical procedure. Therefore finite element formulations are avoided, which are less versatile for iterative designs in which multiple parameters have to be changed.

 Subsequently, it has to be proposed a failure criterion in order to predict the component failure. It should be selected carefully in order to account for interlaminar stresses (which are responsible of edge delaminations). Finally an optimization analysis is made using developed tools.

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