Failure load prediction in the unfolding failure

Process analysis and simulation

The PhD project, financed by FIDAMC and supervised by the University of Seville, is focused in the development of improved analytical methodologies to estimate the unfolding failure in L-shaped and T-shaped sections of composite beams.

Nowadays, methodologies present a non-realistic dependence of the interlaminar tensile strength on the number of plies, due to the lack of accuracy of the calculation methods in those cases. Furthermore, edge-effects play an important role in the unfolding failure, especially when a curvature change is given in the section of the beams, and they are only obtained by using finite elements models. 

These effects provoke errors even of a 100% in some load cases when using typical analytical models and the present work pretends to estimate them by an analytical novel method, validating it with finite elements results.

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