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Industrialization Set up for In situ Consolidation Process in Thermoplastics


The goal of this development project is to get a reliable automatic industrial process based on Automated Tape Lay-up manufacturing technique. Thermoplastic in situ consolidation manufacturing process key is to achieve a cured final structure, with a reduction of production costs and autoclave use, permits the creation of components quickly and more efficiently.


The main outputs of ISINTHER project in the development   of a new automated process with PEEK material:

  • Consolidation of  process automation to face integration of stiffeners with in situ consolidation panel 
  • Successful stiffened structure manufacturing with good integration between stringers   and skin.
  • Suitability verification of  “in-shop” repair techniques with potential extrapolation into the “in service” scenario
  • Successful eco-efficiency verification of in situ consolidation vs reference thermoset manufacturing with autoclave.  

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