A machine is now available that allows the consolidation of the thermoplastic material in the same taping process (in-situ consolidation process). By consolidating "in situ" it is possible to dispense with the autoclave or the oven and also realizes the integration of the stiffening elements, which means a cost savings in the component manufacturing process.

This development has been carried out in collaboration with MTorres and Airbus DS, in the framework of different projects financed through the CDTI and the European Union.

There is also a wde knowledge in the manufacture of thermoplastic components for the aeronautical sector through processes of forming in press or by consolidation in oven.

 These capacities extend, as in the rest of the cases, to the characterization of the material from the physical-chemical and mechanical point of view and to the realization of the appropriate quality inspections of the fabricated component.

 Much of the knowledge is available in specific training courses.