The Advanced Materials Training Center in FIDAMC has more than 500 m2 of spaces focus on training, which includes classrooms, a trimming workshop and a training workshop.

FIDAMC meets the needs of the industry and provides a specialized training service in advanced technologies, contributing to the improvement of the competitiveness of companies. The Training Center is open to all sectors, being the most representative:
  • Aerospace
  • Transportation (automotive, rail, naval ...)
  • Energy (Wind power…)
  • Civil engineering, architecture or construction
  • Sports equipment


FIDAMC offers courses adapted to the specific requests of the company, adapting the duration and content. The training dossier contains the following fields:


  • Composite materials.
  • Assembly of aeronautical structures.
  • Product and equipment design.
  • Structural analysis.
  • Verification and tests.
  • Machine and CNC programming.
  • Aeronautical wiring
  • Product engineering.
  • Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM).



The Training Center is aimed not only at the demand of companies, but also it is accredited by the Community of Madrid as a Training Center for Employment, with census number 28110, which allows to provide training for unemployed in the following fields: 

With professional certificate:


  • FMEA0111 - Assembly of structures and installation of aircraft systems and equipment.
  • FMEA0211 - Manufacture of aerospace elements with composite materials.
  • ADGD01 - Quality techniques and continuous improvement in business excellence.
  • No professional certificate
  • FMEA011EXP - Assembly of aeronautical structures.
  • FMEA010EXP - Computer aided aeronautical design.


Everyone who wishes to access the courses, mentioned above, must:


Being registered in the INEM as a job seeker (either because of being unemployed or seeking work improvement).

Inform your office of the INEM of the Community of Madrid that you want to take the course FMEA02011 (in case you are interested in one of the manufacturing courses), the course FMEA0111 (for the assembly course) or ADGD01 (for the course of quality) in the Center for Processional Training for Employment with census number 28110.


These three types of courses are free, as they are funded by the Community of Madrid.

training workshop
training workshop
trimming workshop
trimming workshop