FIDAMC - Gobernment agency
Gobernment agency

The Board of Trustees is the government agency which represents and administers the Foundation. It comprises 6 members: CDTI General Manager, a representative of Madrid Community and a representative of each EADS entity: EADS NV, Airbus Military, Airbus SAS and Airbus Operation S.L.

Jacinto Tortosa Lozano, FIDAMC's General Manager is in charge of carrying out executive functions. He is appointed by the Board of Trustees.

Another important agent is the management board. Its main function is to advise the General Manger on projects to be carried out, evaluating its technical contents and proposing new lines of research. It is made up of experts in the composite material field from industry, universities and development centres.

Finally the Foundations Protectorate which is exerted by the Industry, Tourism and Trade Ministry is an agent that ensures that FIDAMC's activities operate within all applicable laws and in line with the aims of the Foundation.