Technical orientation

The Technological orientation is clearly defined by the name of the Foundation and is extended to an advanced level in terms of research, technologic development and application in composites.


FIDAMC specific objectives are to:

• Assess and improve known technologies. 

• Analyze, test and build demonstrators for emerging technologies. 

• Develop the application of these technologies to specific products.

• Contribute to the establishment of specific design principles and calculation & simulation methods. 

• Propose new lines of research to Universities, R&D institutions, laboratories and other centres.


These activities will be carried out primarily within the field of aerospace projects. However they will also be applied to other sectors in which FIDAMC's know-how can provide a valuable technology transfer. 

FIDAMC will target the space between basic research and the development of programmes and products. Following NASA's criteria for Technology Readiness Levels (known as TRLs), FIDAMC will focus on TRL 4 to 6. The following figure shows the different TRLs described. 

FIDAMC - Technical orientation