New scientific paper in the journal Progress in Organic Coatings
Researchers form FIDAMC and the Group of Surface Science and Nanostructures of the University Complutense of Madrid have published a scientific paper ...

IntAIRCOAT Conference 2019
The last 14th and 15th of May, Hamburg held the IntAIRCOAT Conference 2019, which is an important event focused on the coating industry in the ...

Development of the calculation of composite plate structures, with circular or elliptical cutouts
FIDAMC has published a scientific article in the journal of Composite Structures. The article is focused on the development of an innovative ...

International Conference and Exhibition on Thermoplastic Composites
The last 30th and 31th of October, FIDAMC attended the ITHEC 2018 conference on Bremen ( The 4th International Conference ...

Performance Improvement for Vehicles On Track, PIVOT
PIVOT project combines the development of activities in several key Rolling Stock sub-systems to contribute to the achievement of the key S2R ...

FIDAMC produces and prints its own high performance filaments
The Foundation has focused its efforts in developing new materials applicable to ALM (Additive Layer Manufacturing) technology of 3D-printing. ...

ALM carbon fiber Filament

Influence of phenylphosphonic amide on rheological, mechanical and flammabre properties of carbon fiber / RTM6 composites
FIDAMC has published a scientific paper in Composites Part B focused on the influence of phenylphosphonic amide on rheological, mechanical and ...

Composite Part B composites

FIDAMC at the European Conference on Composite Materials ECCM18
From June 25th to 28th, Athens (Greece) held the European Conference on Composite Materials ECCM18, which is considered the biggest Congress on the ...

H2020-SGA-FET-GRAPHENE-2017 Grant Agreement 785219
On April 1st , the second phase of the European project Graphene Flagship Core 2 began. FIDAMC is one of the 143 partners that are part of this ...

flagship graphene H2020

Installation of lay-up defectology sensors at AFP. Project ZAero
 In the search of technologies for the composite final quality improvement, Project ZAero consists in the early detection of defectology thanks to the ...

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