Composite Unfolding. Published Article in Composite Structures.
FIDAMC and Universidad de Sevilla has published an articule about se han publicado un artículo sobre Semi-analytic model to evaluate non-regularized ...

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Aristeo - Silinco
The use of composite materials has notably increased notably in last years, to the detriment of metals. The advantage of including composites in a ...

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FIDAMC at EU Industry Day
Almudena del Teso attended the EU Industry Day on February 28 on behalf of FIDAMC.During the event held in Brussels representatives of the traditional ...

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Compression after impact behavior analysis of composite thin laminates
Research project that includes two parts: a project funded by FIDAMC and Innovation Works called ILIA (Research and development of a new methodology ...

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Ph.D Thesis Offer
Ph.D Thesis Offer FIDAMC is a Research Center created in 2006 by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, the Regional Government of Madrid and the Airbus ...

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Monitorization with FBG sensors of thermoplastics materials manufacturing processes. Diego Sáenz del Castillo's Thesis
Aeronautical industry is in continuous evolution and last decades have involved an important reduction of costs and time in both structural weight and ...

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