22 / Jul / 2020

New collaboration between Korea and FIDAMC

New collaboration between Korea and FIDAMC

FIDAMC has initiated a new collaboration project with a Korean team composed by KAL - ASD (Korean Air Line - Aerospace Division) (, The Korean Institute of Industrial Technology (Kitech) ( and Songwol Technologies (


The project is focused on the application of thermoplastic composite materials to the development of aircraft structures by using different manufacturing technologies (mainly out of autoclave press and oven). Project schedule covers four years of work and implies an in-house active collaboration of different members of FIDAMC in Korea. This project is a clear demonstration of the capabilities of the whole team to work in an international environment with the goal of pushing the general progress of the composite material industry.


Here there is a small sum up on the scope of work of each company, for deeper information the reader is referred to its correspondent websites.


KAL-ASDis the primary aerospace research and manufacturing facility of Korean Air. Founded in 1976, the company has been involved in and conducted all phases from design to manufacturing for Airbus and Boeing's package including wing, fuselage and tail parts and recently succeeded in the development of main structures of the cutting edge 787 and A350 cargo door. KAL-ASD has modernized and automated the manufacturing process regarding composite material through introduction of the high-end equipments and facilities.   


KITECH is the government-funded research institute, founded in 1989 to support the industry sector especially SMEs as an application-oriented research institute and has been trying to take the lead in this flow. KITECH focuses on 3 key research areas: advanced manufacturing technology, industrial technology convergence, and sustainable manufacturing system technology. 


Songwol Technologies is one of the few companies in the world that can provide a turn-key in-house manufacturing capabilities of composite parts.
From material receiving, cutting, surface treatment, lamination, curing, trimming, CMM and NDI inspection to painting of parts, all the processes are professionally handled in-house with highest quality control.

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