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18 / dic. / 2016

Manufacturing Assessment of Register Covers

Manufacturing Assessment of Register Covers

The scope of this project is the manufacturing assessment of prototypes for electrical register covers with circle and rectangle shapes using technologies for high production rates which are close to the industry. Requirements given by the client are tough and demanding regarding production (takt time during process, power consumption, material costs,…) as well as regarding chemical and mechanical properties of the final product (test UNE-EN 124-5, resistance to corrosive agents and fire, … )

This project is developed in cooperation with LCN Mecánica S.L., a Spanish company oriented to the manufacturing of automotive elements by means of press molding techniques. Works duration is about one year.

FIDAMC carried out tasks on design and calculation, manufacturing and inspection of prototypes, including the initial material screening through laboratory tests. The chosen material was lighter than traditional materials, highly resistant to tensile and compression and needed short curing processes. The optimum is a polymeric matrix reinforced with different fiber types and concentrations.

Production of composite covers will lead to important mass savings, near to 50% compared to the original metallic specimens. This is translated in meaningful economic advantages, avoiding theft cases of metallic specimens placed in public streets in order to be sold as raw material so common nowadays. In addition, mass reduction will impact positively in workers’ health who handle these heavy covers in their daily activity.

This project was financed by CDTI, the Spanish R&T Public Entity for funding. 

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