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23 / mar. / 2021

FIDAMC accomplished the ECOFUNEL project

FIDAMC accomplished the ECOFUNEL project

The ECOFUNEL project (H2020-CS2-CFP03-2016-01 # 738047) funded by the European Commission through the CleanSky 2 partnership ended on September 30th, 2020. During this project coordinated by FIDAMC, the members of the Consortium (FIDAMC, CTAG and ADERA-Canoe) carried out research tasks on new injection grades with improved electrical conductivity. Our Topic Manager, Liebherr Aerospace SAS, shows interest in these types of materials for use in cabin conditioning systems. The greatest challenge of the project was the design of high-performance thermoplastic formulations, their analysis in the laboratory and the manufacturing tests to verify their final performance. Thanks to the great joint work, a full-scale prototype of a standard duct could be manufactured, and the improvements made on the component were verified. The outstanding work of the consortium and the general interest of the results were highlighted during the project closure meeting by the CS2 Officer and the Topic Manager.