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19 / nov. / 2015

FIDAMC with SARISTU (Smart Intelligent Aircraft Structure)

FIDAMC with SARISTU (Smart Intelligent Aircraft Structure)

SaristuEuropean CommissionSeventh Framework Programme
SARISTU is a large-scale integrating project which aims at achieving reductions in aircraft weight and operational costs, as well as an improvement in the flight profile specific aerodynamic performance

This project has been funded under 7th FP with Grant Agreement nº 284562 FIDAMC has actively participated in this big consortium formed by 64 partners and coordinated by Airbus Germany

Saristu has finalized with success on 31st of August 2015 and Fidamc has achieved all the technological goals proposed.

SARISTU closure conference was held in TsAGi in Moscow, Rusia last May 19th -21st, 2015 with almost the presence of the major partners

Many posters, abstracts, papers, conferences and congress have served as the perfect scenario to show all the steps and achievements that have been already reached.

Fidamc has participated mainly in two scenarios

1. AS03 lead by EADS Innovation Works to develop a winglet with active trailing edge (WATE: Wingtip Active Trailing Edge) . Demonstrator was manufactured to scale and tested successfully for testing the maturity of these devices and technology. FIDAMC was in charge of the design and manufacturing of the Activity Beam (rear spar) as well as of the manufacturing of the movable tab of the trailing edge of the winglet

2. IS12 lead by Alenia. Fidamc has participated in the wing assembly integration and testin.

Activity beam (rear spar of SARISTU winglet) was made of CFRP material (carbon fiber reinforced polymer). The manufacturing process carried out for its production was flat lay-up by means of Automatic Fiber Placement machine (AFP) with subsequent press forming and autoclave curing cycle in male tool. The main challenge addressed in this research work is the application of press forming manufacturing process to a complex shape (high curvature spar), in view of a production series scenario. Moreover, AFP lay-up with steering trajectories with such small radii involved a manufacturing challenge which led to exploring machine capabilities to the limit.

I would like to point out that the main goals have been possible thanks to a great team behind. To mention some of them: Sofía Delgado, Julián Martín , Aquilino García, Bernardo López , Alberto Mazarro, Marina Remacha, Pedro Nogueroles and Raúl Serna that have allowed to put Fidamc on top of these technologies.

Nowadays, pressing works are being carried out in Fidamc to manufacture aircraft structural components with big complexity and becoming quite excellence in the press forming technology.

European Union

This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 284562.

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