Care Stringer Run Out

Preimpregnated materials

Care Stringer Run Out

Value Proposition

  • To evaluate industrial feasibility of different stringer run out solutions to avoid finger plates, including automatic lay-up with new ply architecture with a demonstration of lay up rate impact respect to baseline and to demonstrate stringer feasibility with agresive thickness change and integration on the skin cobonded soft on hard with skin ply drop-offs under the stringers. 
  • To select preferred solution
  • To produce specimens for mechanical testing and validation starting from coupons to pannels.


  • Development of a new cabin customization process for airbus
  • Further investigation of implications of „the automotive way of customization“  (“push the button approach”)
  • Development of a cabin customization roadmap together with airbus

Care Stringer Run Out   Care Stringer Run Out   Care Stringer Run Out  

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