Dry fiber

Gobierno de España


Study of manufacturing and inspection in critical areas of composite structures.

Call: Subprogram Retos-Colaboración 2014 (MINECO), within the State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research of Innovation 2013-2016

File No.: RTC-2014-2883-4

Project in collaboration with AERNNOVA

Total budget: € 643,826.24

FIDAMC Budget: € 262,186

FIDAMC grant: € 131,093

Duration of the project: Start: February 1, 2014 End: December 31, 2016

The general purpose of this project is the development of innovative technologies that have application to manufacture primary structure elements with local geometries of high complex curvature in composite material, being competitive in cost and weight with the current solutions, both metallic and fiber of carbon or mixed. Precisely, the project is focused on large elements such as skins, spars, bulkheads, and other parts of internal structure like frames, ribs or fittings.