Additive Layer Manufacturing

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The ALM (Additive Layer Manufacturing) project is a self-financing project based on the development of 3D printing technologies and the search for associated applications.

Among the many options this technology provides, FIDAMC is focused on FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) machines. This system consists in depositing molten polymer on a flat base, layer by layer. An extrusion head deposits the molten reinforced or non-reinforced thermoplastic filament to create each layer and after the deposition the material hardens.

FIDAMC has developed its own large dimension 3D printer (500x475x400mm) capable of printing high temperature thermoplastics without continuous reinforcement. This machine is used to investigate with new materials and acquire the knowledge of the 3D printing principles, making process studies and material characterization.

In addition, FIDAMC is working with Airbus ProtoSpace Getafe for developing a 3D printer capable of depositing carbon, aramid or glass fibre reinforced thermoplastic. This kind of material allows for printing high stiffness / weight ratio structures, with much higher mechanical properties than non-reinforced materials. This collaboration results in the identification of components and printing applications with high structural requirements.

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