17 / Nov / 2015

FIDAMC become Associated Member in Shift2Rail

FIDAMC become Associated Member in Shift2Rail

FIDAMC becomes Associate Member in Shift2Rail with AERFITEC Consortium, formed by Aernnova, the Tecnalia Technology Centre and FIDAMC, whose consortium is led by Aernnova.

Shift2Rail the Joint Undertaking (JU S2R) is a new public-private partnership in the rail sector, established under Horizon 2020, to provide a platform for coordinating research activities in order to foster innovation in the railway sector for the coming years. It was established on July 7, 2014, following the entry into force of Regulation (EU) No 642/2014 of 16 June 2014, creating the Joint Undertaking Shift2Rail.

The challenges that are facing AERFITEC Consortium are focused on accelerating technological developments, cutting edge technologies to bring a higher level of maturity, and shorten the time to market for new solutions, making it possible to test even demonstrators full scale.

One of the challenges in which FIDAMC is involved, is expanding the use of composite materials in primary and secondary structures of trains. The consortium's proposal focuses on three areas: development of a carbodyshell, innovative and interior doors made of composite materials trains while maintaining and even improving current standards of comfort, safety and reliability, seeking a reduction in rail costs. Highly integrated elements in composite materials, are manufactured in order to reduce maintenance. The assessment of costs shall cover all the value chain, including manufacturing, assembly, maintenance, repairability and end of product life.

(Almudena del Teso 13.11.2015)

Courtesy S2Rail page