Thermostable Prepreg

We have exceptional facilities with the necessary industrial equipment and the state of the art. We have automatic taping equipment for the manufacture of large-scale demonstrators in both Automated Tape Lay-up (ATL) and AFP (Automated Fiber Placement) processes and for dry or pre-impregnated material. Also equipment of forming by means of membrane or press, formed and of curing in autoclave stove or press. Finally and when the project requires it we make special devices.

Specialized in:

  • Developments of high structural component integration for both torsion drawer structures of supporting surfaces, as well as fuselage or space launchers whose structural concepts and processes are validated by real-scale demonstrators.
  • Analysis of the architecture of the laminates to optimize its structural behavior and its fabricability.

We incorporate proprietary technologies in the development of materials that do not require autoclave curing (AoA). This is the case of the DVD project for components previously certified with autoclave curing where a clear reduction of manufacturing costs is achieved while maintaining the same mechanical properties.