MANHO. Daniel Pastorino Junquero
The use of composite materials is widely extended due to its great specific properties. It is largely used in primary structures of recent aircraft ...

Thermoplastics modelling. Isabel Martin Hernando
Analyzing the aeronautic industry evolution related with the materials employment is detected a noticeable trend focused on the weight reduction. The ...

FIDAMC with SARISTU (Smart Intelligent Aircraft Structure)
SARISTU is a large-scale integrating project which aims at achieving reductions in aircraft weight and operational costs, as well as an improvement in ...

Aircraft Intelligent SARISTU Structure

FIDAMC become Associated Member in Shift2Rail
FIDAMC becomes Associate Member in Shift2Rail with AERFITEC Consortium, formed by Aernnova, the Tecnalia Technology Centre and FIDAMC, whose ...

FIDAMC stomp in Europe with Clean Sky 2
FIDAMC becomes Core Partner in Clean Sky 2 on the first call with two major projects, one for the Airbus Large Aircraft passenger and one in the ITD ...

The Final SARISTU Conference has been held at TsAGI’s partner facilities in Moscow, Russia on 19-21 May, 2015. FIDAMC attended the conference and ...

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